A very Happy and Positive New Year!!

The theme for the first month of 2022 is Being Your Best. This is the fourth pillar of Reinventing You and the most common theme for people at the start of the year.

This is traditionally the time when we refocus our goals for the coming year. While many list resolutions for a better life, these are typically made in the spirit of enthusiasm for the new year and rarely sustained for long. More important is to stick to principles, or pillars as I like to call them.

Being your best means keeping the right amount of focus for you on your physical and mental well-being. Each person is different, and what is most important is to maintain optimal well-being for you. The process of reinventing yourself over time can only happen when the body and mind to kept at the appropriate level of wellness for each individual.

Here is a quote that captures the essence of this pillar. Posts and content throughout this month will build on the theme of Being Your Best.