“You’re already stuck with yourself for a lifetime. Why not improve this relationship?”

– Vironika Tugaleva

The quote by Vironika Tugaleva sparks a reaction in each of us. That reaction is often discomfort and uneasiness. Why? It asks us to confront the relationship with the person we spent the most time with in our lifetime. It’s ourselves. Beyond confronting this relationship, she is challenging us to improve it. Veronika asks, Why Not? We are “stuck” with ourselves, so why not make it better. Healthy Relationships Connect with the Past Because it’s uncomfortable. We don’t know how. It may lead us to a past we have been avoiding coming to terms with. If it was up to us, we are fine keeping our past behind closed doors. Oh, the dread of opening that door and reaching peace with a part of our lives that no longer serves us! Even though the influence remains on us, the reward is too painful. Or so we convince ourselves. This creates a challenge. When things are not going well in our lives, our default action is often to get down our ourselves. We are our own worst critic.

Is the perception of your worthiness accurate? Complete? We must find a way to turn off autopilot in the way we view and treat ourselves. The path to reinvention starts with nurturing the relationship with who you are now. To challenge our beliefs, the origins and accuracy, is not only the necessary thing to do. It is the top priority in the relationship with ourselves. A relationship we must have to become the best version of ourselves for the future. We deserve it. As with those close to us, we use purpose and intention to develop the best relationships. This means paying close attention to our well-being and adjusting where we are off track. We take proper time for ourselves to allow for things that bring us joy and peace. We are assertive in saying no to things and requests from others when necessary. This does not dilute our desire to be there for others. It is the discipline to cut out unnecessary things. The things that impact our available time and stress levels. We make time to address our challenges and needs. The unplanned challenges of the day. We create the right balance to address these needs. We must not neglect them as we often do. Accepting who we’ve Been Creates the Path to who we Can Become Most of all, we accept our past. The good, the bad. The past has influenced who we are but does not limit who we can be. No matter how painful we perceive it today, we must understand what we can change. Meaning we must understand what we cannot change. We find whatever resources, knowledge and support necessary to be at peace with that. When have accepted our past and who we have become, we can start the real work creating the person we can be.

Relationships with our loved ones and closest friends create the connections for a fulfilling life. Do we have the willingness to develop and nurture the same relationship with ourselves? If we do, the door will open to becoming the very best person we deserve to be.

Could this be you? Is your relationship with yourself what it can be? Accepting who you have been and who you are today?

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